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Marriage is not what is used to be….Who said that?

Never-the-less, a wedding continues to be a memorable ceremony, with which to begin a marriage, or confirm a commitment between a man and a woman.

A wedding is a ceremony of commitment recognised by the laws of Australia. A wedding which takes place in Church, according to the rites set out for that purpose, adds a significant extra dimension to the undertakings made by the bride and groom.

At St Peter’s, we look forward to every wedding, which takes place in our attractive building. Because your wedding is special for us, as well as for you, we like to make meaningful preparations for your big day.

Contact us by email, telephone, letter or at any one of our Sunday services to make a time to talk things over. We will explain what we believe is involved in the commitment of a Christian Wedding, and discuss the arrangements we can make to ensure that your day is your own special experience.