Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW


FuneralThe loss of a loved one through death is a harrowing experience. No one looks forward to the experience.

The Christian Gospel offers hope in these circumstances, for all who feel the pain of separation. In Church, people in sorrow can come together and seek the comfort of God, whose promise is everlasting life.

The celebration of a life, in the Christian context, is not just a celebration of times past, but also a celebration of life for the future. Memories help to strengthen us, and enable an expression of thankfulness. Faith helps us to look forward to the future in confidence.

A funeral service at St Peter’s will encourage those who grieve, to trust God as the Victor over death; to deal lovingly with one who has passed beyond our sight; and to be a supportive presence for us who remain.

Your loved one’s service can be conducted in a place of your choice:  cemetery, crematorium, chapel or, of course, in St Peter’s Church.

Just contact us, when you are ready to talk, and we will be happy to sit with you to plan your tribute.