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Prayer for ACES, June-July

Please pray for the work of ACES (Association for Christian Education for Swansea):

  • For Aces finances – that all the churches will continue with their donations.

The year started with over 60 year sevens and over 60 year eight students, but the numbers are dropping, that seems to be the pattern half way through the year, especially when sport is offered at the same time.

Pray —– that they remain stable now, and that we have good enrolment numbers for 2018.

Pray for teacher Samantha Brown and her first Genr8 Conference for SRE at Wollongong, 29-30th, June.

Pray —– all the Churches in Swansea will send two volunteers to participate at the ACES meetings and be informed of the operations of the SRE program and the implementation of the fundraising ventures, without you we are incomplete as a whole body.

Pray —– for implementation of our casual Teacher list and resources for all the programs.

Pray —– for endurance and perseverance for all committee members, teachers & volunteers

Pray —– that Bunnings will offer a swap after August for one of our 2 BBQ dates not both coming Christmas Eve

Pray —– for our Movie plans for fundraising, and our Games Coffee Night in the future.

PRAISE —– At the last year 8 Seminar the students studied the little book of Mark and were full of questions – most were listening and they had fun learning God’s Word

Suggestions for fundraising: maybe you could hold a soup and bread roll morning at your church in the winter for ACES?

The Next ACES Meeting is on 26th July, at Swansea Baptist Church.

Vicki Coppard,  ACES Prayer co-ordinator.

God of ebb and flow


Am reading again Henri Neuwen’s ‘Seeds of Hope’.

On p. 88 there is a beautiful prayer “to the God of Ebb and Flow”,  quoting Vincent Van Gogh’s words: “It is true there is an ebb and flow, but the sea remains the sea”. You are the sea.

It concludes:
O Lord, sea of love and goodness,
let me not fear too much the storms and winds of my daily life,
and let me know that there is ebb and flow,
but that the sea remains the sea.

I  love Neuwen’s description of eternal life (pp1-2):

‘When my clear goal is eternal life, that life must be reachable right now, where I am, because eternal life is life in and with God, and God is where I am here and now… Jesus says, “dwell in me as I dwell in you”. It is this divine indwelling that is eternal life….It is a goal that can be reached in the present moment.’